Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The end of WEN

It is difficult when we are unable to give a product a glowing endorsement, but when we have to deliver unfavorable news, we are more than willing to explain why. First, however, we must stressed as we do with every post, that what works for one may not work for the other. You may use a product and get wonderful results when our findings were lack luster. With that said, always try it for yourself. Our reviews are based on our personal experiences and the experiences of our faithful readers.

The verdict is in…we are discontinuing of use of WEN. The reason is simple. The product does not provide and detangling aid. Here on Two Heads, we stress the need for good detangling products for all hair types. Heres why:

1.       Hair is elastic (it stretches), but not unbreakable

2.       Hair is at its weakest when it is wet

3.       Taking into consideration the above notes, when detangling after shampooing, strand will stretch and pop (break) if the comb is not allowed to glide smoothly.

4.       Poor detangling habits can cause split ends

5.       Poor detangling habits is a main reason for African American hair breakage

Now, there are many factors that contribute to whether hair is easy to detangle:

1.       Hair texture (of course the tighter the curl, the more difficult it is to detangle)

2.       Moisture is an important factor in good detangling. If hair is moist is will detangle easier

3.       The technique one uses to shampoo hair can potential tangle hair

4.       Shampoos and conditioners can contribute to adding moisture to hair therefore making it easier to detangle (ie., if your shampoo and conditioner dries your hair out it probably will be difficult to detangle

Now, all of the above is sheer rhetoric if it can’t be applied practically.

Well here is the long and short of it all. No matter how the product boasts to be natural and full of “healthy” ingredients that health did not translate into the styling process. Don’t get me wrong I felt good about using a product that would not strip my daughters’ hair. I liked the idea of using a product that was supposedly helpful not harmful, but every time I used WEN, I would have to use it in conjunction with another product, namely a detangler or moisturizer to achieve the desired outcome. This just seemed a little backwards to me.

My final thought is that WEN is not at all a bad product, but if your primary concern is lack of moisture and breakage (as mine is with my oldest child) then WEN is not for you.

As a side bar, WEN performed satisfactorily on my youngest daughter’s hair, but it too seemed more dull and less soft at the end of the styling process when I used the WEN solely. When added with other products, WEN was fine, but if you go back to one of our first posts, WEN: Does it really work? , it is supposed to be a product that can stand alone. It is not advertised as an adjunct therapy.