Tuesday, July 31, 2012

REVIEW: Naturally You by Motions

In a quest to keep my daughter's thirsty curls quenched, I will try new things from time to time.  Call it luck or coincidence I stumbled upon this product that works but then again not so much...

Let me explain…

The latest product in review is Naturally You by Motions. We are all familiar with the original Motions hair care line. There are products that I love within the line and some that just do not deliver. If you have had this kind of up and down relationship with Motions you may have abandoned usage by now in search of a much more reliable source for hair care.

Given a lead from a reader I decided to track down (no easy task) this new addition to the Motions line of hair care products to see if it was any more promising than its original counterpart. I literally looked high and low as this product is not sold at all the locations referenced on the Motions website. I called around and stopped in hoping to find this "wonderful" new product for natural curls.

The long and short of it is that the Hydrate My CurlsPudding is pretty good. It added shine and luster not to mention moisture to my 2 year old’s curly cues. The shampoo and conditioner, however, did not perform as well. In all honesty, her hair dried out tremendously and it was very difficult to detangle. I was quite confused as the products are all marketed together claiming that continued use in combination with one another as a complete hair care system will make your hair care experience even better. Not the case for me.

Day two after playing and rolling in her favorite blankie...not too bad.

Washed and Hydrate My Curls was applied.

In it’s defense, Naturally You is very new on the market so I feel an "all new and improved formula" coming on in the near future.

Note: the Hydrate My Curls does build up so I wouldn’t use it every day. My favorite hair care product for her curly styles is still Organics: Texture My Way. I still have yet to find any "natural hair" care prodcut that can out perform it in terms of adding moisture without adding build-up while maintaining soft supple curls all day long.

Still my all time favorite!

As natural hair care products go, I would not give this line a failing grade, but I do not think it will live up to the hype. I will not be purchasing another round.
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Friday, July 20, 2012

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