Monday, June 4, 2012

Shake it up for a change

If you are like me it is hard to change. AND staying in the same old rut can be easy and does not require a lot of thought. Two Heads keeps me searching for new ways to twist the tried and true but still keep it fairly easy on mommy (and daddy).

The below is my five year old sporting a spin off of the same old two pig tails style that every little girl has worn at least a million times :-).

Usually, when we do this style, we simply part her hair straight down the middle and pull each side of her hair up into two pig tails. We accent with barrettes on either side of the part and call it a day. Well, this particular day we wanted to be a little risqué and take a departure from the norm.

So this time we started with a zig zag part (which can be a little tricky). The part takes a little time because you want each zig and zag to be sharp and definitive so you may need to practice. By the way, I purposely have a little more hair on one side than the other. I love how it looks a little off set. I then zig zagged a little piece to the side at the nape of her neck to add a little interest. And finally we added two tendrils on each side to accent her little face. Instead of leaving the pig tails loose or braiding them like normal, I looped them over into puffs. I still added barrettes on either side and little tiny accessories to the tendrils. As you can see the tendrils are loosely twisted.

And there you have it…a little twist on the old school pig tails.  Shake it up!
Skirt: Target
Leggings: Target (2 seasons ago :-) can't believe they still fit)
Top: A gift from her grandmother
Sandals: Gymboree (last season)
Hair accessories: Walmart (believe it or not ;-))

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