Sunday, August 19, 2012

Take the natural plunge...but read this first!

Contemplating the big step of whether to go natural or keep your relaxer? One really big question is how will you look? You’ve had a relaxer since you were in fifth grade and can’t even remember what your kinks/curls look like. For you the benefits of letting go of the “cream crack” definitely out way the cons, but you are in Cooperate America, you work on high profile cases, your colleagues are mainly non-minorities who may not "get it" and frankly you cannot take the chance of losing your creditability just because you have decided to be true to your own creed.

Fear is associated with any major change in life, even if the change is a good one. Think back to when you got married or had a child, graduated from college or decided to go back to school. All those decisions were for the better but involved a certain amount of risk. Similarly, the choice of whether to maintain a relaxer or free your natural locs can be a source of anxiety.

Unfortunately, all risk cannot be removed from a controversial choice, but here are a few suggestions that may make going natural (if that’s what you really want to do) just a little easier.

1.     Try to ensure that you keep your transitioning tresses as healthy as possible. Keep your hair moisturized and manageable. For tips on maintaining moistrure in your natural locs click here or for products that promote healthy hair click here.

2.     Don’t want to go from long relaxed locs to a super mini fro, which may be all the new growth you have developed in the process. Don’t chop it all off. Maintain your two textures by seeking out a professional who is well versed in helping to make the transition from relaxer to natural. Let yourself get used to the curls first, give it time to get some length to it and then (when you are absolutely ready) cut the relaxer and enjoy your natural freedom.

3.     Finally, get a preview of how you may look once the relaxer is all gone. Some natural seekers are going for dread locs or twists. Some want a bountiful afro still other are searching for cascading curls. You may not have noticed but there is a wig to simulate all those looks. Pick one up, try it on and get a feel for how you will look with a “natural”. The wig is a fairly inexpensive, non-committed way to see if this is what you really want and if you will really “love” yourself in curls as much as you think you might love yourself in curls

My own little experiement with natural locs!

The fact remains, this is a big step. It is an affair that must not be entered into lightly. BUT if you do decide to take your look back to Eden, stay empowered, be informed and keep it healthy!

For all sorts of tips on all hair types and updates on what’s hot for fall 2012 click here.


  1. I love your hair girl! Natural is great on you!

  2. hi I would like to ask a question first of all I have a sick early hair but yet its fine hair and I wanted to find out what can I do to keep my hair moisturizer I have all types of products that I have bought but none of them seems to keep my hair moisturized as well as it should tell me how can I keep my hair moisturized and what is the best thing to do for natural curly hair I used to have a perm to make my hair straight but I don't use the perm anymore I let my hair grow natural back to the motherland so help me find the right morster riser for my hair thank you

    1. Many moisturizers work well on relaxed and natural hair. The kinds that are most effective however are products that are all natural. Preservatives, alcohols and sulfurs, etc are not good for hair and skin. The easiest path to take is to purchase real extra virgin coconut oil and do a 30 minute pre-shampoo treatment. It infuses the hair and makes it soft and moisturized. Mix olive oil or coconut oil with your regular conditioner to use after shampooing and you should see a difference. Another way with less steps is to get a shampoo/conditioner system like those by Organix. Two really good ones in the line are the macadamia oil products and the argon oil products. Both leave hair shiny and manageable and they both work well on natural hair. I hope this helps!