Sunday, January 1, 2012

Coconut oil pre-shampoo treatment

We have been discussing the best way to retain moisture and stave off breakage. As a matter of fact that is the most important component of any hair care dilemma. If we can figure out how to stop dryness and excessive shedding we would solve the problem of many moms (and dads) out there faced with the challenge of keeping their child’s hair healthy.

In the Healthy Hair post back in November, I included a brief description on how to apply an olive oil treatment and the benefits it could provide. Some readers informed me that they tried the treatment, but wondered if coconut oil would work even better. I wanted to find out so I tried the process out on my two year old (I would have preferred to try it out on the four year old but it was not time for here shampoo). Even though the two year old’s hair is not as as dry, I assumed that I would still see an obvious improvement, if the coconut oil was worth its salt.

Well, it was worth it and then some. Below is a brief synopsis of the coconut oil pre-shampoo treatment process on some very dirty 2 year old hair:

1.Use a generous amount of extra virgin coconut oil.
2. For thick hair part into four section to ensure the scalp gets its fair share.
3. Slather it all over the hair (for best results start at the root and work down to the ends).
Note: Your child will be greasy!

4. Place a plastic cap for optimum penetration.
5. Leave cap on for at least 30 minutes.
Note: Please do not leave your child unattended during this time for the obvious safety issues that could arise (i.e suffocation from plastic).

6. Shampoo thoroughly; you will need to wash hair about 2-3 times to remove excess residue.
7. Condition hair (optional as hair may be soft and manageable after treatment).

8. Style as desired. 

I would recommend the coconut oil pre-shampoo treatment just as much as I would recommend the olive oil pre-shampoo treatment. I would not, however, equally endorse the coconut oil as a hair dress for styling like I would the olive oil because it is heavier than the olive oil and messier. Because it is solid at room temperature but melts when warmed, coconut oil can go on subtly then end up looking a little like “jheri curl” juice once it melts on the hair. It is true we want sheen and luster; what we do not want is our children to look like they took a bath in cooking oil.

A good combination regimen could be to use the coconut oil as the pre-shampoo treatment and save the olive oil for a highly moisturizing hair dress that adds shine and suppleness to natural locs.

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