Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Your task is a gift

There is one thing that I am sure of and that is that God gives us no more than we can bare. Let me explain. I prayed for daughters (at least one). The good Lord gave me two. I prayed that they would have bountiful, full manes that were thick and beautiful. He gave me just that. That is where my prayers ended. I should have prayed for patience and endurance as well. I did not have the fore site at that time to understand that with such gifts came an awesome responsibility to steward them.

God has an interesting since of humor. At first, I did not get the joke. Those bountiful heads of hair almost became a noose around my neck as I began to lament, wail and complain about my task of caring for their hair and the time consumed in doing so. For a moment, I wondered if I had made a mistake in asking for the gift. Then I came to my senses (sometime ago) and realized what I already knew in my heart. The opportunity to care for two heads full of hair is a blessing. And God, with his interesting sense of humor had indeed already entrusted me with every tool I needed to handle the enormous job. Now, I embrace caring for my girls´ hair. It is a family ritual. It is time spent bonding and growing together. It also is a task that has reminded me of the real meaning of love and given me a glimpse of how we must seem to HIM. Caring for this finite human race is arduous, though HIS care for us never wanes. HE grooms us and grows us. HE nurtures us and cultivates us just as a good mother does for her own child’s hair.

These comforting thoughts came to my mind as I was styling (more like wrestling with) my youngest daughter’s hair today. I was reminded that a parent's reward may not be instantaneous, but to see our children healthy and happy…when you really think about it, it is all worth it in the end.

Below is the only picture I could capture of a very restless two year old who would not be photographed today.

The products I used to create this style are Organics Texture My Way and Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk. Instead of our usual box parts we did attention-grabbing triangular parts. As you can see, we tried a new accessory today, pink beads. Unlike the Sidewinder Hair Holders, she did not reach to pull them out one time (some braids were left without beads intentionally). As a matter a fact she hasn’t even touched one bead yet (very interesting). I am keeping a close watch on her as I do when any accessory is attached to her hair, but so far so good. Beads can be found for $0.99 a package at your friendly neighborhood beauty supply store. Invest in a threader, it makes the job a whole lot easier. This style, by the way, should last about a week. An update is forth coming.


  1. My beautiful babies!!! Tisha you are doing such a wonderful job with the girls hair. Jeda is so gorgeous and her hair with all the extra care you have giving her is paying off. We learn by our mistakes!!! Remember Mommy alway does the best job. Might take a little patience but its worth it!!! Love you my daghter!!!

  2. I needed those words of encouragement!! Thank you!!