Monday, March 26, 2012

Need a style for a special you go!

She was not expecting me to take this pic so early in the morning :-)

With Easter right around the corner. Mommas and Daddies may be looking for a cute easy look that will work perfectly with your precious one’s Easter ensemble. Well, I’ve got one for you, but…
I cannot take credit for this super cute special occasion hair style…although I would love to. This look was created by my mother.

A WORD ABOUT MY MOTHER: Mimi, as the kids affectionately call her, is a perfectionist. She expects her grannies to be on point at all times and will accept nothing less. Nothing but the best for her babies. Needless to say, when the girls step out with Mimi…they step out correct. Grandmothers, I must add, have this luxury, for they are, after all grandmothers and their responsibilities have decreased with time. Mine, however, have increased. Therefore I cannot profess that they always look GQ when they are with me…but I digress…

At any rate, the special occasion that this look was created for was church. A style this fancy should be reserved for a special occasion at church or Easter or Christmas as it requires heat to create and I am not a huge proponent of adding heat. I do believe, however, if done in moderation and with a conservative caution it is ok from time to time. Note: if you are totally against heat all together, you can create this style by braiding your child’s hair and leaving it over night. Even if her hair is naturally curly, braiding her hair with a pomade and leaving it for several hours or overnight will lock in a wave pattern or a "crimped" look that may be a unique departure from her usual "curly" look.

Mimi would say start by making sure your parts are straight! For the top section be careful to ensure that the two parts on either side do not extend farther down than the outer tip of the brow (only because it looks a little funny). In other words, make sure each part lines up with about the middle of her eyebrow. It looks more balanced that way. Then make a horizontal part to complete a “box” for the top pony tail. From the middle of that top box (from the back) make a middle part to divide the rest of the hair into two pony tails.

Now that the hard part is out of the way, crimp each section of hair and separate to fluff it. Don’t forget to add some oil sheen for extra shine and you’re done. This is the "special occasion" version the style, but the original style was done with twist. Part hair the same way, but instead of crimping, just create three fluffy twists and add hair accessories if you like.

I know your next question. What kind of iron did I use? I have found that women are very, very particular and picky about their irons and what one likes is as individual as a finger print. It can be a personal experience, even intimate, like buying those "special delicates" that go under our clothes. Some women favor certain name brands. Others value certain qualities like ceramic or ionic. Some irons can be very expensive as well. I have my preferences, but I feel in this case moms (or dads) and their daughters should go on a very vigilant quest to find the healthiest and safest iron that fits their lifestyle and budget.

With that said, your little princess now has another special occasion style to add to the arsenal that you can pull out the next time she gets snazzy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TADA!! It worked...the second time.

I nearly forgot to post this wonderful entry about my new experience with a product that I had once written off. It seems that what works for one child does not work for the other. I will not leave you in suspense. The product is none other than Shea Moisture.

This is not a little known product to our house hold. As a matter of fact I have been using Shea Moisture, Curl and Style Milk for several months on my two year old. I mainly use it to add moisture and shine when I braid it from time to time. The performance was satisfactory so I decided to try some other products in the line.

A little background on Shea Moisture: Sofi Tucker started selling shea Nuts at the village market in Bonthe, Sierra Leon in 1912. This Sofi Tucker was the grandmother of the founders of Shea Moisture. Inspired by her tenacity and self sufficiency as a single young mother of four children (widowed at age 19), the Shea Moisture line was born. The product is accompanied by a mission to empower disadvantaged women.

Why I chose to give it one more try?: It was not just the satisfactory performance of the product after I tried it (for the second time) on my two year old that made me stay with it, but also the legacy and the mission of the company. I read the back of the bottle and decided it was worth giving it one more chance.

A brief overview of what we did to achieve success: What we did was simple but effective. The products used were Moisture Retention Shampoo and Deep Treatment Masque. We followed that up with the usual Curl and Style Milk. And of course we did our customary pre-shampoo treatment with coconut oil for 30 minutes prior to shampooing.

We shampooed twice and left the Deep Treatment on for approximately 15minutes. When I rinsed her hair it was soft and shiny and easy to detangle. I was pleased.

Note: I tried this on my older daughter over a year ago and we did not have good success. Her hair was dry and brittle afterward and hard to detangle. I tried it again on her since it worked so well on the baby with no luck. It just goes to show that what works for one does not always work for the other AND you may have try something twice before it works at all.

Below soft manageable hair and a happy two year old:

Hair accessories found at your local neighborhood beauty suppy store

She is wearing her favorite Dora dress (Target)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Readers weigh in on Motions Weightless Hairdressing

Two Heads is so lucky and blessed to have faithful readers who glean helpful hints from our page and are also willing to add relateability and value to the information we provide with tips of their own.

One such reader shot me a message about a week ago about a product that she discovered and happens to love for her daughter's cornrow styles. It’s called Weightless Clear Hairdressing by Motions. I have not yet tried the product, however, an in depth review is forth coming from Two Heads. BUT our reader tells us that this stuff is awesome!

She states the pros for weightless clear hairdressing are:

-no flaking

-no grease

-easy application

-it leaves the hair soft

-there is very little build-up and residue

I am sold!

The product retails for approximately $4.50 for a 6 once container.

Here is what one site had to say about the product:

·       Give hair an extra styling boost with Motions Weightless Clear Hairdressing. Its feather-light formula adds volume while restoring hair's strength and shine. It will not build up on hair. Oil-free conditioners add suppleness and shine while reducing frizz. And a Mango Tango fragrance evokes an enticing tropical sensation. It's ideal for pumping up fine-to-medium textured or fragile hair. It gives lift to hair that normally gets weighed down by ordinary hair dressing.

I am super excited about trying this product out on my girls to let you know how I like it. In the meantime, check out the super cute pics sent in by our reader of her sweet baby girl in cornrows created using Motions, Weightless Clear Hairdressing.

SUPER cute! Thank you guys for sharing!!