Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays

2 Heads will be back after the new year with more informative and fun tips on how to keep ethnic virgin hair healthy and beautiful!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sidewinder Hair Holders

I was super excited to receive the little yellow package from the post man. I tore it open immediately! Its contents held several small plastic zip top bags with pink, clear and gold accessories. The website claims these little gems to be an alternative to beads. I wanted to find out if the claims were true. Sidewinder Hair Holders are unique items to add to the ends of little girl’s hair to make it swing and look fabulous. Let's see how they stack up.

Here is the first style I tried on my two year old with SIDEWINDER HAIR HOLDERS:

First, the Sidewinder Hair Holders are so adorable. I loved they way they looked in my daughter’s hair. If this review had been written the moment after completing the hairstyle I would have given the product an A+.

The application however was not quite as easy as the video depicts (check out site to view). On most of the braids it took several tries to get the accessory to stay put (granted my child was moving around all the while), but the amount of time it took to apply the garnish was more than I can spend (with her at least).

The item is, like it states, a very good alternative to beads which look pretty, but have to be secured with elastics that could potentially damage the ends of hair.  She loved swinging her head and hearing them clank around.
she is shaking her head to hear the Winders clank together

Also, the colors are very vivid. I ordered them in hot pink, clear and gold, but there are a plethora of colors to choose from, a plus for the company. It just makes it hard to decide which colors you will select as choosing multiple “sets” could get pricey.

Speaking of pricey, each set at $4.99 sounds reasonable enough, but one “set” consists of one 3 inch winder, two 2 inch winders and two 1 inch winders. Now, as you can imagine that won’t get you very far on a hairstyle.
below is one set

photo courtesy of
I purchased the three color combo for $35.00 (yep, 35 smakeroos)
3 color combo
photo courtesy of

I will reiterate that the Sidewinder Hair Holders are super cute and I could create endless styles with this tremendously creative accessory. It may even be great for my older daughter (whom I have not tried the product on yet). Truly, the one  and only con that would cause me to caution against purchase is the fact that this embellishment could become a choking hazard!

she had begun to unwind the Winders on the sides

See the missing Winder? That one was the first to go!

Within about thirty minutes of completing her hair style, my daughter had already removed  about 1/3 of the Winders. By the end of the afternoon, none remained on her hair. The scary part was although she willing brought most of them to me and placed them in my hand. Her sister and I had to fish more than a few out of her mouth. I am a pretty anal mom about keeping things out of her mouth and always watching to thwart disaster. There were no unfortunate mishaps on my watch as I saw her every time she put a Winder in her mouth. But even a super mom has to turn her back for a moment from time to time and that is why I offer a word of caution to users.

In fairness, I did review the Sidewinder Hair Holder site again for disclaimers of caution or choking hazards and have not gleaned any as of yet…maybe I missed it. There were however photos of children as small as my own with the accessory on their hair, so maybe I am the only one who has had an issue. It is of course my  responsibility to take care of my own children, given this fact, if I would have been aware of the ease in which these items could be removed by two year old fingers, I probably would have thought twice before putting them on her hair. She will be a better candidate for Sidewinders when she is a little older.

I am not writing the product off by any means. I actually like it and I would even endorse it for older children. I feel my older little girl possess the maturity to maintain a hair style with the Sidewinder Hair Holders. I will try them out on her and see what we get.

Here’s a recap:


-          Very pretty product; helps to create awesomely unique looks for your little girl

-          It comes in an array of beautiful colors

-          It is a super alternative to beads

-          Durable; does not break easily


-          Expensive

-          Potential choking hazard for small children (especially the 1 inch size)
-      A little tricky to apply

As with any product you choose to use there are pros and cons. Always exhibit caution when putting ANY hair accessories in the hair of small children.

http://hairholders.com/hair-beads-alternative Please check out the web site and be your own judge!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The end of the semi-mini braids experiment

Hip Hip Hooray for SEMI-MINI BRAIDS! Alas, it is time to say farewell, hasta la vista, au revoir...

It was touch and go there for a moment (day six), but the after re-moisturizing, re-inventing and re-styling the powers that be decided to breath just a little more life into a dying style and it ended up lasting a whopping 12 days. Whoopi!

I would recommend this hair style to mommies (and daddies) who need a break from the everyday rigors of styling their childrens’ hair. I would also recommend it because it gives the hair a much needed break and allows it to “breath”. Hair just like the rest of the body requires rest and rejuvenation.

In short the semi-min braid experiment was a glowing success and will be added to our hair care arsenal! Now on to shampooing and coming up with a new style for the two year old.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Try this tip to stave off an itchy belly

First off, we had an awesome hair day today! There was minimum shedding and lots of shine and body. Those dreadful ends are still sloughing off, but this will be the case until they are all said and done (which will hopefully be soon). My older daughter’s hair is looking so lustrous these days and I contribute it (at least in part) to the addition of olive oil to our hair care program. Even she has noticed a difference (and that’s the most important part).

Today, we did a throwback style. I like to call it old school, because I can look back at any given picture of myself as a child and I may just be sporting this exact same look (minus the twist in the front). Her face shape is like mine, so the look even more so brings back all sorts of memories of me sitting on my mother’s kitchen table with that blue grease near by. My mother was ever so meticulous, she parted each section just so, and groomed my hair until it was perfect. I vividly remember those days and every time I do my daughter’s hair, I reminisce.

Now that we are back from our trip down memory lane…below is our artistic hair expression for today:

back view

flat twist design in the front to add pizzazz

She's singing for joy...

But surely you are wondering what all this has to do with an itchy belly…gonna tell you right now…

How many of you have little girls who love tutus, skirts, dresses, etc? If you do, you are aware that as the winter weather conditions set in and it gets colder and harsher outside we can no longer do bare legs. No brainer right? Hold on, I’m going somewhere…

My little one hates tights! Why? Because she complains about how they roll down her belly, how they are so uncomfortable and how I apparently never (ever) place them just right. Either they are too high on the belly or too low. Here is the kicker...the complaint I hear the most… “Mommy, these things make my belly itchy!!”

I have had it! I have decided that we are going to remedy the problem of the “the itchy tights belly” once and for all. Here is what I do now:  

1.      I buy an outfit (still a skirt, tutu or dress)

2.      I find corresponding socks (Socks you say? Yes, socks) But not just any socks. Snazzy, colorful, tights-esque socks. Thick Cotton socks. Long socks, that on you or me would be knee high-ish.

3.      The socks are usually the smallest size in girls or women. These are not toddler socks nor can they be found in the toddler or baby section.

4.      Here’s why they fit perfectly...because a knee high on me becomes a super high, thigh high on her and they are just the perfect length to simulate tights, when all you really want is the “look” of tights not the itchy waist band.

5.      What to do about the heel? The heel problem is remedied two ways, one, wash and dry the sock in the dryer so the sock will shrink a little. Two, just adjust the heel to where it is on her heel and there is a little extra room in the toe area. I promise it is not a big deal.

Kind of a little quirky I know, but it works! Below is an example:

while standing, these socks look like tights

sitting these socks look like tights

I am sure there is no need to patent the idea and it does not require a copyright. I know I am not going to win the Nobel Prize for discovering how to remedy “itchy tights belly”, but hey, it sure is a discovery that saves me the grief of hearing “My Belly is itchy”. And let’s face it; it is so much nicer to see those little faces smiling rather than frowning.

below is an example of the socks

striped socks used as tights (from Target; girls sock section)

Just so you can see how much the socks look like tights I put them side by side; they look alike but without the itchy belly
tights by Crazy 8
socks from Target

Update: Still waiting, with bated breath, for the mail to come to reveal the new accessory I hinted about the other day. I hope it comes soon. Can’t wait to try it out and let you know if hair styling as we know it will be changed forever!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's not over yet...

After our last post it was pretty much a done deal that we were going to have to re-do the hair do we hoped would last at least two weeks (giving mommy and child a well needed break). Apparently, the heavens had another plan in store to breath just a little more life into our semi-mini braid style (thank you!)

Me: It’s time to get your hair done


Me: Come now, it won't be that bad...

Her: NOOOOOO! (as she begins to run down the hall)

My wheels started turning (as I catch her and bring her back) .“Operation Re-invention” underway!

When there’s nothing left to do, your child does not want her hair done today and it’s clear her current hair style has seen its better day…then you must re-invent. And that’s just what we did today.

1. Re-moisturize entire head. Concentrate on the scalp. Message scalp and then work the luster down each braid. It’s been 7 days now since we created this style; to make it easy use a moisturizer you can spray with shea or olive oil. (If you are opposed to aerosols use Kera Kare  Essential Oils in a pour spout container)

shea oil sheen

massage gently into scalp

2. Redo at least four or five of the front braids,( or however many is needed) to neaten it up a bit (this is optional). I re-braided three front braids.

3. Use a HEALTHY hair gel (I used Soc-it-2-mii Curls, by Red’s Kitchen Sink). Run it down each braid to smooth the "fuzzies".


run gel down each individual braid 

4.      Re-style braids into a look that's quick and easy

oucheless elastics

TADA! A new, neat style; two pony tails

two pony tails w/ a head band

She kept running away so I had to think quickly. Two pony tails. Bingo! Two ouchless elastics, one head band and we are done (for another three days hopefully). From start to finish it took me about 10 minutes. Semi-mini braids turned out to be the hair break we both needed after all.

 I bet she is hoping this hair styles last forever..

Check back for a review on a super duper awesome hair accessory I just discovered. If it’s not all the rage yet…it should be!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time Tested Hair

6 days

I don’t think baby girl is going to make it to two weeks with this style. We haven’t even reached the 1 week mark (6 days) and this style is already done…put a fork in it.
We are going to try again. Still in search of a style that will last on the two year old for more than a week. Semi-mini braids aren’t the answer for her :-/.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting back on track

We are getting back on track! My older daughter’s hair is healing well. I am sticking with the WEN as a cleansing option for now. I believe it is less harsh to the hair than regular shampoos (that can contain stripping agents). Since her hair is already a little weak from our hair care mistake, I want to be extra cautious.

At her last shampooing we used WEN and added Kera kare Humecto Conditioner (this is an awesome softener and detangler).

After being braided for about 4 days, I unbraided her hair and used a “warm” flat iron to “stretch” it out. I do stress “warm”. It was on the lowest setting. There was no blowing drying involved (it air-dried while braided, which is our usual practice).

I just created this easy little style for her as she sometimes tires of the “pomp and circumstance” and the “hooplah” that is made over her hair. She really did not feel like being bothered today :-).

Her hair was groomed with extra virgin olive oil and Luster’s Pink oil Moisturizer. AND she, like her sister, had a good hair day!
Lots of wild hair :-)

Don't ask me what was going on with her nose...


I really love the hair accessories (pink leather bows and pink rhinestone daisy)  and I know you do too, but I cannot remember off hand where we got them... I will find out the answer...

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good hair day!

The notorious T.W.I.S.T. sat still for one and one half hours to get her "do" done! I cannot believe it. No tears, no frets, she just sat there. She did have three breaks (snack, potty and stretch) but all in all she did an amazing job. Hats off to baby girl!

Today we tried something new. This is our version of mini braids (or semi-mini braids if I have to be perfectly honest; she does not yet have the patience for mini-mini braids). Today is day one of our experiment to see just how long my twisty, turning, blankie toting, rug rolling, little munchkin can keep this hair style looking good.

I think that this look is an awesome break for moms who just don’t have the time (or desire) to style hair daily. Yes, it takes quite a while to create the initial style, but once complete you should not have to re-style for at least a week (let’s keep our fingers crossed for two).

How to create this look

- Hair was washed approximately 7 days ago (every one’s school of thought varies on shampoo frequency, however, I personally believe less is more if the child’s hair is dry like my girls).

- At the time of shampooing, hair was cleansed with Nexxus Humecto Shampoo and conditioned with Mizani Moisturefuse. It was moisturized with Red’s Kitchen Sink’s, Beaucoup Hair, Herbal Hair Souffle and Luster’s Pink oil Moisturizer and braided in no special formation.

- Hair was unbraided and parted into sections. DISCLAIMER: THE PARTS ARE NOT NEARLY AS STRAIGHT AS THEY COULD BE (sorry Mommy) but I mean I am working with a two year old after all. She can’t keep her head super still…she did the best she could, I guess ;-).

- Hair was moisturized the old school way today with water, that blue grease (you all know) and Pink Oil Moisturizer. To smooth the edges and “fly aways” I used just a sparing amount of Motions At Home, Moisture Enhancing Hairdressing (this product says no build-up on the jar, but it builds up tremendously and it is very sticky, so do not distribute throughout the hair unless you want “gummy” hair).

- I did an over hand “plait” or braid today. The under-hand braid usually is the technique of choice for bigger braids (they lie smoother), but I actually like the over-hand for small braids, plus I can go much faster with the over-hand than the under-hand (and we have to go as fast as possible when dealing with this little Missy).

- I did not braid to the end. I left about ¾ of an inch to an inch loose and let it curl up at the end giving the look a little detail.

- One final note, I parted the hair in a box braid formation so that the braids could move freely and so that they could be modified into different styles later on (i.e., pulled into a pony)

So there you have it! We had such a good hair day today! Now let’s see how long this style will last and how many iterations we can squeeze out of it before it’s all said and done.

I could not get her to stop and let me take a picture, so I had to wait until she was having snack, hence the reason she is stuffing her little mouth full of food in almost every picture. That is also the reason for the orange hue around her mouth J

"I'm Just not feeling it Mommy..."

A rare smile

 She said "No Pictures Mommy!"

 Caught her in mid stride, trying to run as fast as she could.

 Shiny, curly braids...healthy hair is so pretty!

Check back to see how long it lasts...

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