Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Olive Oil

I have seen olive oil work its magic in recent weeks. It adds shine and fights breakage. But how does one use olive oil and in what form?

There are a WHOLE lot of products that include olive oil as its active ingredient. With most commercially manufactured goods, you will get in your container a small of amount of what is advertised and a lot of water, filler, preservative, chemicals, additives and fragrance among other things. If you want to see real results consider buying the actual product in its organic or all natural form.

Again, looking to your own cupboard could prove beneficial. If you own a bottle of extra virgin olive oil then you are on your way.

Simple tips to use olive oil effectively as a hair care product

*Use like a hot oil treatment prior to shampooing

1. Pour extra virgin olive oil in a glass container (mug or cup); about 1/4 cup (modify as desired based on length and thickness of hair) 

2. Heat in microwave until its really warm (but not too hot; BE VERY CAREFUL), usually 15-30 sec will do the trick

3. Apply to dry hair

4. Saturate hair with olive oil

5. Massage into scalp and work down hair shaft

6. Put a plastic cap on and let set for 15+ minutes (I usually leave it on my girls for up to 30 mins if they don't pull it off)

7.  Shampoo as usual (you will have to shampoo at least 2-3 times as the oil is heavy)

8. Style as usual

Note: You can also apply olive oil as a hair dress after hair has been shampooed. It will add shine and moisture, but please use sparingly in this case as it can weigh hair down.

I do use some of the popular beauty supply olive oil products as well, but I’ve seen greater and more noticeable improvements with E.V.O.O. (Rachael Ray J).

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Healthy Hair

In my opinion, one big key to healthy hair is moisture retention. The unfortunate reality is the quest to find products that truly moisturize can be daunting. Finding these elusive supplies is like looking for a needle in a hay stack as the majority of them have so little of the "active ingredient" present that it is of no noticeable benefit. That’s why in exacerbation I turn to my cupboard for solace when nothing else will help.

If you did not know already, some of the best moisture retainers and glossifiers are found in our very own kitchen. Goods like coconut oil are excellent for keeping hair healthy (thanks Tricia). Buying products with coconut oil as its main ingredient has become popular, but what if you can’t get to the store or you don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive products…then just look no farther than your very own pantry for hair care help.

Facts About Coconut Oil

I became pretty intrigued by this super food that helped to nourish and fortify hair so I decided to do a little research.

The human body converts lauric acid into monolaurin which is claimed to help in dealing with viruses and bacteria causing diseases such as herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, and even HIV . It helps in fighting harmful bacteria such as listeria monocytogenes and heliobacter pylori, and harmful protozoa such as giardia lamblia. As a result of these various health benefits of coconut oil, though its exact mechanism of action was unknown, it has been extensively used in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicinal system. The Coconut Research Center has compiled various references on scientific research done on coconut oil. Source:

I found a lot of science (graphs and chemical equations) on the composition of coconut oil but for the sake of time and simplicity just know this, coconut oil helps to facilitate healthy hair growth because it is a fatty acid that helps to rebuild with vitamin e and K. It is widely used in the Indian sub-continent more than here in the states. It nourishes hair with essential proteins and it acts as a moisturizer, fights dandruff, lice, dryness and breakage.

Lauric Acid: One of the most responsible reasons behind hair fall and hair loss is microbial action on the scalp and hair roots. So, to protect hair against them, what we need is an antimicrobial agent. Lauric Acid present in Coconut Oil is one of them. It is basically a triglyceride which yields a monoglyceride called Monolaurin when acted upon by a species of bacteria which breaks the glycerol bonds. This monolaurin has excellent antimicrobial properties.

Capric Acid: This is yet another triglyceride present in Coconut oil, which, like Lauric Acid, yields another monoglyceride called Monocaprin due to bacterial action, having antimicrobial properties similar to that of monolaurin.

Vitamin-E: Almost every aptly educated person knows the importance of vitamin-E for skin and hair. It keeps scalp and skin healthy and hair rejuvenated.

Moisture Retaining Capacity: Coconut Oil has high moisture retaining capacity, since it is not broken down easily nor evaporated, being very stable. It does not let moisture escape thus keeping hair moistened and soft. This prevents breakage of hair. Coconut Oil is a far better conditioner for hair than any synthetic one available in the market.

Anti-Dandruff: The various fatty acids present in Coconut Oil serve as very good anti dandruff agents and are way better than any anti dandruff shampoo. A regular application can help you get rid of dandruff for ever

Styling: Coconut oil can be good styling oil for hair too, as it melts on heating and then condenses on cooling. So when you apply it on your hair, it thins and spreads evenly due to heat of the scalp. Soon afterwards, as the hair comes in contact with air, the oil on hair condenses on cooling and thus works as a styling gel or cream. Source:
Can used for cooking, skin care and hair care

As an added bonus coconut oil is indicated as a great skin care and anti-aging product as well. Some Eastern Indians of 70-80 years of age still have smooth wrinkle free skin and strong, thick, dark hair with very little gray. They attribute this to the life-long use of coconut oil.  

Coconut oil can be benefitial for the hair care of the little people (and the big ones too) in our lives, by making just one simple addition to our daily hair care program.

Purchase certified organic coconut oil

Olive oil is great too! We will explore that one next.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

WEN, does it really work?

I am smack dab in the middle of an experiment and I am going to let you in on it! If the outcome is favorable then we have just come to the end of many of our hair woes. If it is not favorable, well then we just tried yet another product that did not support its claims (which is unfortunately often the case).

This whole experiment began after my older daughter had a hair care setback (mentioned in Hair Woes) that prompted me to add special aide to her hair care regime.  Because of the setback her hair condition was much dryer and seemed to require more moisture than before. Our regular hair care champion Kera Kare by Avlon was not cutting the mustard and it seemed that with every shampoo it got dryer and dryer.

I complained and lamented audibly daily about how I was having no success in finding a product that would help my child’s hair retain moisture. I tried “kiddie” products, ethnic products, organic products, etc, etc. I was stumped. Then my caring husband (who was probably tired of hearing my complaints) happened to be watching an info-mercial one day advertising WEN by Chaz Dean. Surely, you are laughing by now as many of you have probably seen this product advertised on QVC. As you may have noticed there are very few people of color in the advertisement and no children to speak of. BUT the tag line really caught his attention, “A new approach to the way you cleanse your hair”.

WEN claims to have all natural ingredients that are much healthier alternatives to “harsh” shampoos laced with sodium laurel sulfate (a strong lathering detergent). Many celebrity clients endorse the product, like the always beautiful, Holly Robinson Peete. And Mr. Chaz Dean is a pretty convincing force in the marketing scheme given the fact he has a large catalog of “A” listers whom he’s styled over the years who sing his praises. Convinced by the hype, my husband said, “We should at least give it a try”.

I, on the other, did not want to “give it a try”. It looked rather fishy to me. The concept didn’t even make sense. NO SHAMPOO! What in the world was a “cleansing conditioner”? Well since, the WEN Healthy Hair Care System had a 60 day money back guarantee and the 30 day supply came by way of free shipping, reluctantly, I decided to order Sweet Almond Mint via the internet.

When the product arrived it was packaged rather modestly and it did look very “organic”. The appearance of the container gave a “zen”, tranquil sense. It smelled clean and refreshing. It felt light and moist to the touch. I was not sold, but I was intrigued.

Fast forward to the present. I have used the product three times on my daughter’s hair. I am not overwhelmed by its performance (yet). I can say, however, that I have seen some positive improvements, like increased moisture retention and with that her hair has begun to look lively again. It looks healthy and has a natural intrinsic shine. Also, her hair is soft to the touch and not brittle. At this point I have not seen much improvement on manageability, especially in the detangling category. I still have to employ other products for that duty.

In fairness to the products claims, I have read various different reviews from various different sources that maintain that success with WEN requires multiple applications, multiple uses. You will then see gradual improvement over time. Most of its users are Caucasian and wash their hair more frequently than I wash my daughter’s, so they are in a position to notice results much more quickly, siting noticeable improvements within a week (3-6 shampoos). To see the same level of improvement I guess it would be closer to two months given the fact we shampoo bi-weekly.

Nonetheless, there have been some improvements in my daughter’s hair, enough for me not to write it off. And though I do not think WEN will be the Nirvana it markets its self as being, I feel it will be a benefit to our hair care program. I will post results and improvements as they take place.


- Money Back Guarantee

- Added moisture retention and shine

- Easy to understand instructions; simple process

- Helpful customer service

- Improvement in hair health as a whole, (softness, less breakage, less brittle)

- Product does not strip hair of natural oils and nutrients


-         Takes getting used to as there is no lather, the process is very different than the usual shampooing experience

-         Not a good detangler (a biggie for me)

How to use WEN:

1.     Part hair into for big sections

2.     Saturate the hair with water (never use hot water throughout entire process)

3.     Distribute product throughout hair (be very liberal if hair is thick)

4.     “Scrub” scalp gently as you would with shampoo (but there will be no lather. The product will feel like a very rich conditioner)

5.     Work from scalp and distribute down hair shaft

6.     The longer the product stays on the better so once you have cleansed the hair you can then let it set like a conditioner

7.      Rinse with warm to lukewarm water

8.     Repeat if necessary

Note: surprisingly this process gets my daughter’s hair clean, which was my biggest question before purchasing it, but it really does.

The jury is still deliberating on WEN. Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Organics, Texture My Way Curl Keeper

At the risk of sounding a little like Oprah…here is a wow moment! Are you ready for it? This product costed me a whopping $4.69 at my friendly neighborhood beauty supply store. I found it on for $3.00. So let’s all say it together…WOW! I rarely find something that cheap that actually works.

Now, I am the kind of girl who will pay for something that works. I have spent lots of hard earned money on Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner, various Curls hair products and on the Shea Moisture line. I have tried Kinky-Curly and many products that market themselves as curl producing, curl maintaining or curl moisturizing products. AND I have wasted a ton of money on just plain junk that did not work (the junk will remain nameless). None, however, have given my little girl supple, long lasting curls like Organics, Texture my way Curl Keeper.

After experimenting with the above mentioned styling products I decided to try Texture My Way upon recommendation from one of my mother’s co-workers. I washed my daughter's hair, put the product on and watched it do its thing.

First, here’s the deal, all of the products previously mention will add shine and moisture to her curls, but as some of you may have noticed with your own daughters' hair, that over the course of the day the hair will begin to dry out. You may have also found that some of the products are very heavy and greasy. Keep in mind, I have a two year old and one of her favorite things to do is roll in the floor with her favorite blankie. The heavy, greasy products act like magnetic glue in her hair, picking up lint and "whatever else", making her curls look not so cool at all.

BUT when I use the Texture My Way it does not gum her up or weigh it down. It does not add unnecessary greasiness. When she rolls around in her blankie it does not attract debris. Her hair just remains light and soft for several days.

Here is an added bonus! This stuff is an awesome detangler. I use it on my older daughter after shampooing to make the comb out process easier. It is even good for other styles too. Like when you just want to do a quick box braid style that you want to last for a few days. This amazing product keeps the hair smooth and in place and keeps it looking healthy and shiny.

I am a skeptic when it comes to just about everything (especially hair products), but you know what? This little bottle of stuff does what it says and then some. Since adding Texture My Way to my girls’ weekly hair regime, some stress has been relieved. Now, if only I could get my two year old to sit still during styling…

 Hair after shampooing and applying Texture My Way
See the shine and definition?

Texture My Way as a moisturizer for braiding

This style lasted about a week (could have lasted longer if she didn't roll in the blankie)

A few examples of her natural hair a couple days after "wash and go" with Texture My Way

MY DISCLAIMER. For those of you who love to read reviews or watch reviews on YOU TUBE (as I do) you will find some people who disliked this product stating that it did not make their hair “curly” enough for their “wash and go” look. If you are using this product as a wash and go product you will need to have a loose enough curl pattern otherwise the hair will “draw up” and  you will have more of an afro-like look (which is not at all a bad look, it just depends on what you are using it for).

Below you will find a couple of photos of hair texture 3C-ish. If your texture is much "tighter" than this Texture My Way may not work so well as a "wash and go", but will probably do very well as a moisturizer or detangler.

Picture courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

Let's Review
Uses for Organics, Texture My Way Curl Keeper
-wash and go
-braiding or “plaiting”
I have used it for all of the above on my girls.
Note: always be sure to check out the ingredients on the bottle for allergies and irritants as this product does have preservatives and fragrance. My daughter has a lot of allergies but has not had reactions with this product.

Which "curl" product works best for you or your little one? Have one better than Organics, Texture My Way Curl Keeper? We'd love to know!
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hair Woes

In Mommy! Let Down My Hair!, we touched on the fact that there can be some pain associated with caring for fragile, delicate, often weak African American locs. Those of us with relaxers have surely experienced getting a bad chemical treatment once or twice that required us to have to take drastic measures (like a hair cut) to get back on the right track. The fore mentioned experience has forced many sisters to go “natural” from hence and forever more. Unfortunately, the quest for beauty and health don’t always intersect where they should, leaving us with some hard choices to make about how to manage our hair.

I have experienced over processing and bad chemical treatments personally, but the pain has been marginal as I really am not attached to my own hair. “Cut it off and start over" is my motto. But for my girls it is a whole different story. The safety and health of their hair is of utmost importance for me and I am vigilant with their hair care (hence the reason for this blog). Unfortunately, my trial and error has not always ended with the best results, although every intention has been good (again, the blog). Thankfully, I have learned from those experience and have decided to share them in hopes of helping some one else.

As previously stated my two girls have different hair textures and while the little one has manageable tresses the older one requires a little more TLC. This story is about a mistake that I made with her hair care that I do not want you to duplicate.

Her hair was about 3 inches long when she was born, so she had a good jump on the hair growth thing as many babies are born bald or with “peach fuzz”. Her hair grew and grew and it was so lovely, I was so proud. Once the “baby hair” faded away, remaining in its stead was strong, thick coarse curls. I was in love. I enjoyed styling it and showing it off. However, I was somewhat disillusioned with the amount of time being put into maintenance of her hair. She fretted horribly when it was time to wash it and she dreaded getting it combed out. I figured a “professional” may be able to do a better job than me so I decided to take her to this so called “professional” for a wash and press assuming surely she knew how to adjust her technique based on each head of hair that came into her salon…after all she was a “professional”.

By and by, we learned (the hard way) that she was no such, “professional”. And unfortunately it was my child who had to suffer. I am not sure exactly what  she did to cause such brutal damage, (my guess is she used a flat iron or blow dryer that was way too hot for her hair and it was singed), but whatever she did caused severe shedding and breakage of my daughter’s hair. I trusted her expertise and (erroneously) assumed that she realized virgin baby hair could not withstand such harsh temperatures, therefore I did not find it necessary to ask her what temperature she had her dryer set on.

The damage has been ongoing, with breakage continually taking place and trimming to try to rid her hair of the "dead" hair and return it back to its original healthy state. The singed hair is so lifeless that it does not respond to any treatment. It does not even "curl up" when wet (like the rest of the healthy hair). It just sits there, limp and straw like.

Though the damage was pretty much all encompassing, the worst of it was in the front. I have had to trim away at least four inches of her precious mane. Saying that I am heartbroken is an understatement.

I am able to camouflage the disaster with hairstyles that do not accent the breakage and her hair is clearly still beautiful, but it is not what it once was or at all what it should be. With time, hopefully healing will take place and its former glory will return. Every day I strive for that end.

The message to take away from this blog entry is multi-faceted. First, be confident in your ability to care for your own child’s hair. God would not have entrusted you with the gift if he did not give you the tools to succeed. Next, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you find yourself in a scenario where you have allowed someone else to care for your child’s hair, ASK QUESTIONS! Even ask the obvious ones, like how hot is the blow dryer? Next, accept the reality that is your own. Love the hair she has! It may be long and kinky or short and curly, it maybe medium length and coarse or baby fine and straight. Whatever it is, treat it accordingly and care for it based on its specific needs. Finally, less is more. I have learned the hard way to give my daughter’s hair “rest days”, time off from styling. I don’t wash it so often. Every product I use must contain moisturizing properties.  I limit the amount of heat (ie.,pressing combs or flat irons). I don’t blow dry her hair AT ALL! I let it air dry. Her fro is awesome, so sometimes we just rock it like that.

I feel sad just thinking about it. How many beautiful black  girls have you seen start out with gorgeous hair when they were small (many faces pop into my mind), only to see them when they are 6 or 7 years old and you have to wonder to yourself “what happened?” WHAT HAPPENED? Laziness and Impatience happened, pre-mature relaxing happened, over treating and over styling happened, heat damage happened! And no one suffers except our beautiful little princesses. Don't let this happen to your baby girl! I won't let it happen to mine!
My first little princess,18 months old (before damage)
Styling products, Pink Oil Moisturizer and Kimi Oil

Check out the awesome fro

19 months, her first "faux hawk"

Two years old (before damage) no pressing, no blow drying
Styling products, Ultra Sheen Hair grease and water

Three years old, after the second visit to the "professional", before the breakage began

Four years old, (after damage and significant trimming) no pressing or blow drying
Styling products Pink Oil Moisturizer and Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Cream Moisturizer

Four years old (after damage) hair has been trimmed about three inches in this photo

She can still rock a hot faux hawk, we just have to do it with care
One of my favorite looks on her! 

Styling Products Pink Oil Moisturizer and Organics, Texture My Way (which is an awesome moisturizer and detangler; review forth coming) 

Now that I have descended my soap box…try these anti-breakage products to help maintain your daughter’s healthy kinks and curls.

Organic Root Stimulator has a site, but it is currently under construction. Purchase @ or friendly neighborhood beauty supply.
Organics, Texture My Way can be purchased @ or or @ your local beauty supply store.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mommy! Let my hair down!

I have two little girls with two totally awesome heads of hair! They also have two totally different textures of hair. I started this blog because I figured that there was some other mother out there plagued by the same dilemmas I am facing like how often to wash their hair, how to style it and what products to use. Well, I have become an expert at trying anything at least once. AND those trials have lead me to some pretty profound answers. I am going to share them here in Two Heads. Whether her hair is kinky or curly, soft or coarse you can probably benefit from my trial and error.

First, what are the dilemmas? (solving takes time and effort, but it’s worth it)

Dilemma number one, is how to care for ethnic, natural, chemical free hair (I have had a relaxer for so many years I have forgotten what natural hair looks and feels like)?

Dilemma number two, how to retain moisture?

Dilemma number three, how to stave off breakage?

Dilemma number four, is heat styling “ok” and if so what are the proper techniques to keep from damaging virgin hair?

Dilemma number five (this one’s the biggie), how to equally maintain, manage, style, etc. the two beautiful (yet different) heads of hair God has entrusted me to care for?

More questions, quandaries and queries emerged once I began to tackle the initial dilemmas.  I became overwhelmed and confused. Then I began to listen to the conversations going on around me. Mothers of all backgrounds with little girls of all ages with all different hair types had the same questions I had. While some had discovered the answers to some of their questions, many others were still searching to find that “magic fix”.

Unfortunately, all those mothers including me have spent literally hundreds of dollars on products that do not deliver on any of the promises they advertise. There were even occasions when the product worsened the situation severely. Through the process of experiencing so many failures with product after product, I inadvertently stumbled upon some that did do what they promised and you might be surprised that the product that performs best may not be the most expensive. It also may NOT be the product that markets itself as an “ethinic” product that may work super well on dry, coarse ethnic hair.


At any rate, this is just one more blog dedicated to keeping our little girls of color confident, healthy and happy…and here’s to keeping their crowning glory as beautiful and healthy as it can possibly be too. I hope I can make at least one mother’s hair battle a little less tedious.

(Did I mention… there is no “magic fix”)

We will tackle some TOUGH issues about hair from time to time, some even heart wrenching for the moms and little girls that deal with them every day…the subject today, however, is not one of them. I decided to start out on a lighter note. Things can get heavy later.

 I know for a fact that just about every mother of color who has a daughter has heard some iteration of this statement, “I want my hair down today” or what about “I want my hair long today”. Sounds like it’s time to break out the blow dryer, flat iron, that real thick pressing grease and get to moving, huh? Well, maybe not.  There are some super cute alternatives to “loose” untamed hair.

First, here is why I would rather not have my oldest daughter’s hair all a loose very often:

1.       It dries out quickly

2.       It gets tangled (making it hard to comb out later)

3.       She loves to play in it, twirling her fingers in it all day long (making it hard to comb out later)

4.       The hairstyle doesn’t last long (at least not for her) so in the end it requires a lot more work to maintain loose hair.

So what do I do when little miss princess wants to feel her hair sweeping her back? What alternative do I employ when she wants to toss her head and feel her hair move? I do twists…twist with knockers to be exact.

My preference is a medium twist, not the big fat ones. They are typically too puffy to be bouncy. I also don’t like them too small, because it takes a long time to complete. However, I have found that the smaller they are the longer they last. Play around with a few to see what fits best for your situation.

Typically, I do this style once my daughter’s hair has been washed and styled already for about a week or so. The hair is usually more “relaxed” and not super wavy from her wash and braid job. Usually, it is still quite moisturized, but I still add a little Pink Oil Moisturizer to each part for good measure. We start from the nape of the neck and do box parts, four across on each row. I do use the plastic “ouchless” elastics, not rubber bands to keep from breaking the hair.  I’m old school sometimes, so to keep down “fly aways” I take a little dab of that blue grease (don’t act like y’all don’t know the blue grease) and run down each section before I twist it. Once I do, I finish the twist with some Pink Oil at the end. The slight moisture makes the ends curl up and keeps them from coming loose. Work your way from back to front. Rather than a plain center part, do a diagonal one instead to give the style a little extra “umph”.

my sweet four year old, with her twists

Ribbons are off of a $1.39 spool from Hobby Lobby (lime green, hot pink)
Denim Jacket, Baby Gap
Adorable dress Target

(No knockers in the pictures above, this was the second iteration of the hairstyle, but you still get the idea)

Now that you have a head full of shiny twists add your knockers.  Some call them “balls” or “bobbles”. Whatever you call them, they are the little hair ornaments that give the hair a little weight and stretch the twist out. Little girls love knockers almost as much as they love beads. She will shake her head until she’s dizzy. And you can leave her hair this way for up to a week if you choose. Touch them up intermittently if needed.

There you have it, a stress free, long lasting, and very pretty hair style. I am aware that twists are not the same as “Shirley Temple” curls but they save you a lot of work in the end. And your little princess gets to break out of the bondage of the usual ponytail,  plait or cornrow and let her hair down…sort of.


My little one refuses to sleep with anything on her head. Bonnets don’t work and scarves…forget about it. The only alternative I have to try to keep her hair half way descent is a satin pillow case. Hey, it’s better than nothing. At least she does not pull it off half way through the night.
Have an alternative to loose "untamed hair", leave a comment on what works for you!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Red's Kitchen Sink

 My youngest daugter’s hair is not as complex as my older daughter's hair. She has a “softer” texture that is less brittle and retains moisture better. Her hair does not require nearly as much moisture or meticulous care. BUT, it can on occasion, look kind of dry and dull AND it always seems to require a little help with unruly tangles after shampooing. However, for the most part, the biggest challenge with the younger one is just getting her to sit still long enough to complete the hairstyling process. (she is currently right in the midst of the terrible two's) 

I use several things on her hair that work for creating different styles. I also use various products for detangling, adding moisture etc. One really good moisturizer for soft, supple twists is Red’s Kitchen Sink, Herabl Hair Souffle .

Below is a brief review of this amazing product that adds sheen, manageability and moisture to hair and it is 100% organic (all natural).

Red’s Kitchen Sink is a great little company that was born out of necessity and creativity. Like most organic products, it was created as an alternative to chemical product lines that often dry hair out and cause breakage rather than accomplish any of the claims that it boasts on its packaging.

For the complete Red’s Kitchen Sink Story and product line, check out (Red makes skin care products as well).

Beaucoup Hair, Herbal Hair Souffle- is a product that adds lots of sheen to hair. It makes it feel supple and adds an intrinsic gloss that last for several days. I use this first, starting at the base and working down to the ends. I groom with a boar bristle brush (gently). 

Soc-it-2-mii Curls- is a gel-ish product that gives twist a soft hold. It does not flake and feels very moist on the hair for quite a while. Once product dries, the hair is still soft and bouncy. I use this second, running a small amount down each section as I twist it together.
Two year old, with virgin hair

(Note: Ribbon hair accessories came from Target, $3.99 for three)

She is trying to run away...

She really does not like getting her hair done :-)

 Don’t be afraid to (cautiously) try several products within a product line and use what works, discard what doesn’t.

The photos above showcase how well the hairstyle still looks after three days out from styling with both the Souffle and Curls. This style will probably look nice for another two days, before frizzes and fly-aways will facilitate restyling.

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